France: Gov't to close illegal immigrant camp

France: Gov't to close illegal immigrant camp

The French government announced Wednesday that it would this week close a wasteland district of Calais known as "the Jungle" where hundreds of migrants trying to get to Britain have set up home.

Immigration Minister Eric Besson said some of the migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq and other troubled or impoverished nations would be sent home from the notorious zone in the Channel port.

Besson said a police operation in the scrub land near the main port would be staged this week. He said the action would be taken because of the rising crime in the Channel port since "the Jungle" became established.

Hundreds of mainly male migrants try to jump on trucks going onto ferries or to get on trains
going through the Channel tunnel to get to Britain.

Immigration ministry officials said "the Jungle" has become a haven for people smuggling gangs and that it had become a virtual "no-go zone." They estimated that there were about 700 people there three months ago and that there are about 300 now.


Source: France24 (English)

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