Hague: 500 guests at city iftar

Hague: 500 guests at city iftar

Other cities in the Netherlands are also holding 'city iftars', where both Muslims and non-Muslims are invited to a festive meal.


Ramadan is usually linked to Muslims fasting, but social contact in these weeks is not less important. The city iftar last Saturday made that clear. Hundreds of Hague residents gathered in the evening for a festive meal in the municipality atrium.

Organizer Mouttahid of the Iedul-Fitr organization concluded that the city iftar won a place in Hague society. Five hundred guests sat by the tables, and there were more who had wanted to come but had to be turned away.

If an iftar is a festive meal after sunset during Ramadan, the city-iftar is double that. "It's a social event with your family. That family was now the people of the Hague."

Mayor Van Aartsen spoke in his speech of freedom of religion and the right not to believe and even to leave your faith. For the organizers the contact between all those present was the most important thing. Mouttahid says that they asked people to sit with strangers as much as possible, to associate with others. He found it very special.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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