Paris: Muslim soup kitchen Ramadan operation

Paris: Muslim soup kitchen Ramadan operation

A Muslim organization called “soup for all” located in south Paris is giving away free meals during the holy month of Ramadan to feed the hungry and the homeless –Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

“The organization is far from where I live but it is worth coming all the way for the delicious soup they offer,” says a French homeless man who sits alongside Muslim men sharing the same table. “In here we neither know nor care about the differences between Muslims and non-Muslims, everybody is equal; our hunger has no color or religion” continued the man.

Mr. Ali Hasseni, the head of the organization, states “this year in Ramadan we are planning to give away more then 2000 portions of soup, dates and milk. These meals are not only for Muslims but for all who are in need, no matter where they come from, or what religion – if any – they may choose to follow. All people are equal and it is the basis of Islam that we treat them as such.”

Patrick, a homeless Frenchman in his forties, says, “I love Ramadan because I love soup, and this month is the only time I am able to eat soup, unlike the rest of the year.”

Along with poor, homeless French people, there are many fasting Muslims who don’t come for soup, but instead to escape the horrible feeling of loneliness. As Mr. AbdulKader, 69, describes, “I live in Paris by myself, all my family are in Algeria, and although I am able to go to restaurants, I choose to come here everyday just to sit with many fasting people and feel the joy of Ramadan.”

The organization “soup for all” was established 1992 in Paris, their goal is to provide free meals for all needy people. The organization has more then 250 voluntary workers.

During Ramadan the organization spreads itself all over the city, even building tents in the streets of Paris near the metro stations where huge numbers pass, in order to reach more people. Last year the charitable organization served over 300,000 meals.

Source: Yemen Observer

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