Sweden: 'Kill a policeman, get to paradise'

Sweden: 'Kill a policeman, get to paradise'

Norwegian broadcaster NRK came to Sweden to report on the ongoing riots (ht/ Snaphanen). They visited Hisingen (Gothenburg). The pictures mainly speak for themselves, but there are several interesting points:


Golle Taykumer (16): When you feel harassed, you harass back. When the police come and play Allah, they get back what they deserve. They shouldn't come here and try to decide [things]. Here we're the ones who decide. They decide for their own.

Q: So the police have nothing to do here?

Taykumer: No, they don't.

All this time Taykumer is standing in front of a wall with graffiti which says "Whoever kills a policeman gets to paradise".


Fatmi Assar: Many of those who come here, not all, but many bring with them hate - to certain groups, maybe to certain religions or.. they bring with them lots of problems.

Q: And they transmit it to the youth?

Assar: Yes. And some youth are affected by the way they associate with their family

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