Nicosia: Discussions on additional mosques

Nicosia: Discussions on additional mosques

OFFICIALS from the Interior Ministry and Nicosia Municipality have met to discuss arrangements for opening up more mosques around Nicosia.

The meeting was deemed necessary after clashes between two groups of worshippers earlier this month at the Omeriye mosque in Nicosia’s old town. The conflict highlighted the need to look at the underlying causes and accommodate the different needs of Muslims living in Nicosia.

The meeting on Wednesday looked specifically at the possibilities of reopening existing mosques around the city – and even creating new ones.

Nicosia Mayor, Eleni Mavrou, said “The meeting was really an exchange of information and opinions about arrangements for different mosques in the city.

“The outcome of the meeting was that the Interior Ministry will contact imams and the embassies involved – such as the Libyan Embassy and Turkish Cypriot imams – fill in the blanks as far as organisation and overall arrangements are concerned.

“When this is done, we will be meeting again to exchange views on how to proceed.

“As far as the Omeriye mosque is concerned, the Interior Ministry is collecting information on arrangements there. The ministry and the antiquities department are also set to discuss restoration works.

“The mosque will probably have to close for a certain period while works are under way, so we have to see what solution can be found to accommodate the congregation during that time. It will be essential to make other arrangements for as long as the mosque is closed.”


Source: Cyprus Mail

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