Germany: Author awarded for human rights work

Germany: Author awarded for human rights work

German-Turkish author and sociologist Necla Kelek was awarded a 10,000-euro (14,600-dollar) prize on Saturday for her human rights work, which focuses on women of Turkish origin living in Germany. The panel awarding the Hildegard-von-Bingen Prize said Kelek reported in an "engaged, keen and vivid manner on the value of human rights in Germany's pluralistic society" in her commentaries, newspaper articles, analyses and books.

Kelek's prime focus was the living environment of wives, mothers and daughters of Turkish origin who often lived in the "closed world of a traditional form of Islam," the panel said.

In 2005 Kelek's book 'The Foreign Bride' had launched a debate about forced marriages and the failed integration of Turks living in Germany.


Source: EarthTimes

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