Norway: Flyer against Muslim politician

Norway: Flyer against Muslim politician

Norwegian-Pakistani site x-plosiv reports of a campaign against Hadia Tajik, a Norwegian-Pakistani candidate for parliament on behalf of the Labor Party. Norwegian parliamentary elections were held today.

Shocked Norwegian-Pakistanis contacted X-plosiv and reported they received flyers about Hadia Tajik in the mosque. The flyers said that if elected, Tajik would be one biggest threats against Islam and Muslims in Norway.

The flyers were written in high-level Urdu, which shows it came from the Norwegian-Pakistani community.

Hadia Tajik was shocked to hear of it. She says it's very low to spread lies and to do it in a mosque. The flyer refers to an event at the Antirasistik Senter about respect and homosexuality, but misquotes her. What she had said, and what she supports, is that she doesn't think Islam should be abused to persecute gays or anybody else.

The flyers also says that she's against arranged marriages, but Tajik says that isn't true. She's against forced marriage. She also denies having campaigned for age-limits on marriage immigration.

Tajik says that whoever responsible for the flyer knows that it's full of lies, and that explains why it's anonymous.

The flyer says as follows:

The female candidate for parliament Hadia Tajik, who is fishing for votes from both Norwegians and Norwegian-Pakistanis these days has inappropriate and unacceptable thoughts and attitudes, some of which are very worrying. People should know that Hadia Tajik thinks that Islam is a discriminating religion. Hadia Tajik thinks arranged marriages are forced marriages and in recent years has actively campaigned to increase the age limit for marriages. She doesn't think well of mosques either.


Hadia Tajik's tragic statements are found on the net. If she gets into parliament, the Muslims will have more to fear. Because of people like her in the Labor Party we don't need a party like the Frp (Progress Party). Such people stay in the Labor Party in order to work for Frp's agenda. Muslims should be extra careful when they go to vote. They absolutely should not give their vote to such people.

The general secretary of the Islamic Council of Norway Shoaib Sultan said: I'm shocked. This is tasteless, foul and doesn't belong anywhere.

SV politician Akhtar Chaudhry didn't know about the flyer before being contacted by X-plosiv. After reading it he said as follows: This is directly vicious, and isn't true at all. It's shocking that this can occur in a democracy, and that those who expose a person to such nonsense don't dare sign it.

Source: X-plosiv (Norwegian)

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