Spain: Judge refuses to hear testimony from burqa wearer

Spain: Judge refuses to hear testimony from burqa wearer

In a similar case in Denmark the judges focused on being able to identify the witness, but did not say anything about being able to judge the veracity of the witness' testimony.


A Supreme Court witness in today's trial of nine alleged islamists for sending mujahideens to Iraq, who refused to remove her burka to give evidence, was asked by the judge, Javier Gómez Bermúdez to leave the courtroom.

The judge explained that in Spanish courts it is obligatory to give evidence with one's face uncovered, so the woman was called to his chambers at the end of the session along with the prosecutor, Dolores Delgado, where they managed to convince the woman to return to court next Monday to give evidence with her face showing, albeit with her back to the public gallery.

"By looking at her face, I cam tell if she is lying or not, if she is surprised by a question or not," explained the judge, who added that he had no intention of holding her in contempt.

He pointed out that religious beliefs could not be above civil law.


Source: Think Spain

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