Kenya: Somali-Dane returned to Denmark

Kenya: Somali-Dane returned to Denmark

No wonder the US thinks one of the biggest threats to its internal security are European Islamist terrorists.


A Dane of Somali background was freed after having been suspected of terror plans against the American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

According to the Kenyan newspaper The Standard, the Dane was sent to Denmark, reports

the man was suspected of being part of the Somali terror network al-Shabaab. A source with contacts in the Kenyan counter terrorism police confirms that the man was sent to Denmark and that the indictment was withdrawn.

The source told that they had nothing against him and so he was sent back to his country of origin.

The Danish foreign ministry confirms that a Danish citizen was arrested in Kenya and that he was released again. However, they could not confirm whether this was the man suspected of terrorism or whether he was flown to Denmark.

The Danish Security Service PET had no comment.

Source: DR (Danish)

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