Choudary: "Belgian soldiers also have the blood of Afghan Muslims on their hands"

Choudary: "Belgian soldiers also have the blood of Afghan Muslims on their hands"

Belgian newspaper De Standaard interviewed Anjem Choudary, head of Islam4UK. The group (see about them here) intends to march in Wootton Bassett, though Choudary already announced he would call it off if Gordon Brown would face him in debate.

Local Muslims are not happy about Choudary's plans at all, and it is interesting to see the reasoning of some of them:

Enam Chowdhury:

Islam4UK wants to hijack them in the name of religious extremism.

And that is very wrong. They are entitled to an opinion and have the right to protest.

But if they come to Wootton Bassett it should only be to show their respect to the heroes who gave their young lives for us and our country.

Abdul Latif:

We are naturalised in this country and our interests are Britain's. Our soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan for our safety and it is important to show support.


Anjem Choudary, head of the Islamist group Islam4UK, is being spit out British polticians, commentators and moderate Muslim organization because he wants to organize a march in commemoration of the Afghan civilian dead in the town of Wootton Bassett. The town developed a tradition to honor British soldiers killed in Afghanistan. It is a symbol of support for the "British lads".

The eloquent Choudary, a former lawyer, explains his aims by phone.

Q: You said in the British media that the march in Wootton Basset is a publicity stunt. Isn't is more of a provocation?

A: No, absolutely not. First, it's about denouncing the cruelty of the coalition troops against the Afghan civilian population. For them all Afghan civilians are a legitimate target. Every week one to two dead British soldiers come back, but the Afghan civilian dead aren't counted any more, they are 'collateral damage'. Since the beginning of the invasion in 2001, 100,000 Afghans were killed. [Orig Ed: this number is much higher than the numbers given by UN organizations and NGOs]

Second, we want to denounce the policy of the British government. In 2001 the goal was to capture Osama bin Laden because of the September 11 attacks. But now the government says that the war is necessary in the war against terrorism, to ensure security at home. That is a lie: it's about maintaining Western influence in the region.

The planned march in Wootton Bassett is therefore aimed to have our standpoint in the media: you wouldn't call me if we would protest at Downing Street.

Belgian soldiers also have the blood of Afghan Muslims on their hands. The Belgians also have a right to hear the truth. The cruelty against civilians should be brought to light.

Q: Your organization strives to implement sharia worldwide. Do you have contacts in Belgium?

A: Belgium has an extensive Muslim population, particularly in the cities. I therefore plan to come to Belgium myself in the coming weeks, or send a delegation to establish a branch of the organization.

Q: You want to convince people to convert to Islam and to implement sharia?

A: The implementation of sharia will happen in one of the following four ways: either the majority of the population converts; or a foreign Islamic power conquers the country; or there will be a rebellion against the oppression of the Muslim people, such as in Bosnia or in Afghanistan; or the Muslims overthrow the ruling regime. Society will be united by Islam. But the non-Muslims would in any case have many rights, they are protected by Sharia."

Q: Your organization wants to covert Buckingham Palace into a mosque and to radically alter Trafalgar Square . Those seem like peculiar objectives.

A: We want to show with that how life will change. The British monarchy would have to disappear. Idolatry is banned, that the statue of Admiral Nelson at Trafalgar Square must go away, an Islamic clock would be a meaningful substitution.

But all fundamental rights will be respected. All necessities will be provide, benzine, gas, electricity and water will be free.

Source: De Standaard (Dutch)

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