Malmö: Airport bomb plot foiled

Malmö: Airport bomb plot foiled

The media is keeping mum on this story. I'll update if/when I get more info.


The security police blew up a suspected bomb factory in Malmö New Year's Eve. Two men were arrested. According to the charges, the bomb was to be used for an attack against Copenhagen Airport.

The raid was conducted before midnight Wednesday. The police got tips that bombs were being prepared in an apartment on Smedjekullsgatan in Malmö.

Säpo, the Swedish Security police, raided the address.

Two stateless Palestinian men were found in the apartment, both in their 20s-30s. One was known to the police and was linked to the apartment.

"We collaborated in the matter, but I can't tell you why. Since we rarely talk about what we do," says Patrik Peter, spokesperson for the security police.

He can't say why Säpo took over the case from the Malmö police.

"In such a case I would have to describe what the case is about, and I don't want to comment on an individual case," says Patrik Peter. When the police raided the place, both men requested asylum in Sweden. The border police in Malmö was called in.

"Those who were taken into custody are now asylum seekers. They are at the immigration service," confirms Sven-Olof Kajrup, of the border police in Malmö.

Both of the men who were found in the apartment are not crime suspects.

Nobody else was arrested.

Police technicians will study the things confiscated from the apartment, and the apartment itself. The investigation is ongoing, and has been turned over to the county police in Malmö, who deal with more serious crimes.

Michael Mattsson, County Police Commissioner, says that they're working on the information now, but have no comment on the case.

Source: KVP (Swedish), h/t JIHAD I MALMÖ

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