Al-Qaeda vs. Cartoons

Al-Qaeda vs. Cartoons

The new Al-Qaeda magazine 'Inspire' includes a death threat against various people who made their mark in recent years in the Islam in Europe debate.

Almost all of them are European, and not one of them is on the list for anti-Islam laws.

This article was prepared by the Islam in Europe blog -

Who did make the list?

Lars Vilks and Ulf Johannson (Sweden, cartoonist and editor who published Muhammed cartoon)

Kurt Westergaard, Flemming Rose, Carsten Juste (Denmark, cartoonist and editors who published Muhammad cartoon)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Netherlands/US, 'Submission')

Geert Wilders (Netherlands, 'Fitna')

Salman Rushdie (UK, 'The Satanic Verses')

Molly Norris (US, 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day')

Two Dutch politicians made the list: Geert Wilders and (former MP) Ayaan Hirsi Ali, but they got on that list for making movies, not laws.

Who is not the list? The European far-right, for example. People who publicly express anti-Muslim sentiments. European politicians who pushed for laws against burkas, veils and minarets.

This can serve as a notice to all European politicians. According to al-Qaeda, a cartoon depicting Muhammad is much worse than a law banning burkas or minarets. And on the other hand, if you want instant notoriety in terrorist circles, all you really need to do is to be European and draw a cartoon or make a movie and you might soon find yourself facing the man with the Golden Gun.

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