Netherlands: Muslim orgs to boycott Israeli dates

Netherlands: Muslim orgs to boycott Israeli dates

A large number of Muslim organizations, including the Council of Dutch Moroccan Mosques (RMMN), the Islamic Foundation of the Netherlands (ISN) and Milli Görüs are urging Dutch Muslims not to buy Israeli dates during Ramadan.

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The protest campaign will be launched Friday after the Friday prayers at the Ulu mosque in the Utrecht neighborhood of Lombok, the organizations announced on Tuesday. The boycott is a response to the Israeli attack on the aid convoy for the Palestinians in late May. Nine activists were killed in the raid and several dozen were wounded, including two Dutch.

The launch is a month before the beginning of the Ramadan. During the month of fasting, Muslims eat a date with milk after the daily fast, in the tradition of the prophet Mohammed.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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