Denmark: DPP demands 28-year-rule

Denmark: DPP demands 28-year-rule

The Danish People's Party wants to raise the marriage immigration age to 28. At the same time, the party suggests excluding Westerners (DA) from the new requirements.

Kristian Thulesen Dahl of the DPP explained that this is already the case for such things as visa requirements. This way Denmark would get Western immigrants from the same cultural background, and fewer non-Western immigrants and this will mean fewer conflicts in Danish society.

Forced and arranged marriages are most widespread in other cultures, he points out, and mentions that Turkey and Pakistan are problematic countries.

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Via Politiken:

The Danish People’s Party is threatening the government’s educational grant and early pension reforms if it does not increase to 28 the age at which Danes can marry foreign spouses and bring them to Denmark, according to Berlingske Tidende.

The DPP has called for an increase to 28 years of age of current rules stipulating that Danish nationals must be at least 24 before a marriage to a foreign spouse enables a family reunion, but that dispensations should apply for western nationalities.

“It will be one complex (Ed: of reforms). Particularly because we face a lot of tasks this autumn. And an election is looming in which we have to present our views to the electorate,” says DPP Leader Pia Kj√¶rsgaard.

The government, however, appears unwilling to link the issues.


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