Netherlands: Campaign against smuggling Barbary Apes

Netherlands: Campaign against smuggling Barbary Apes

Every spring hundreds of baby Barbary Apes are sold in Moroccan markets to European Moroccans on vacation.

(AAP, Barbary Ape dumped in the Netherlands)

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Many of the animals are then brought back home by car. Many times people take pity on the animals and think they'll have a better life in the Netherlands. Often the monkeys destroy property and are then dumped by the AAP (anti-animal smuggling foundation). The foundation told local broadcaster AT5 that in Amsterdam every year a couple Barbary Apes are dumped.

"In combination with losing their habitat, the number of Barbary Apes dropped dramatically in the past 30 years to a frightfully small number of just 3,000 animals," says a spokesperson.

AAP has started a campaign in southern Spain, at a number of parking places from where ferries leave for Morocco.

Source: AT5 (Dutch)

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