Hague: 'Moroccan coup' in football club

Hague: 'Moroccan coup' in football club

A row started in the Hague football club GSC Esdo after a new board was elected of Moroccan origin.

52 ethnic Dutch members turned their backs on the club after a general members' meeting in which due to massive turnout by the Moroccan members an almost completely Moroccan board (except for one member) was elected.

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"A coup was carried out in a devious way," claims former board-member Jaap Kanters, who also needs to clear out. "It was all contrived in advance, with the result that a large number of members have now resigned and all went to the new association WIK in Zuiderpark."

Since the appointment of the new board, the atmosphere in the club changed completely, say former members. "Meanwhile the labels on the alcoholic beverages and the beer tap have been removed and (pork) chops can no longer be ordered in the cafeteria. People are also active very differently in regard to the women who dedicated themselves for years as volunteers for the club."

"The women who stood behind the bar the whole season weren't invited to the party to celebrate the end of the season. This while those women have put up with a lot of difficulties through the years," says Kanters.

The new board of GSC Esdo confirms that two Saturday teams and two Sunday teams have resigned. "Why they've gone, I don't know, but maybe they didn't feel comfortable any more at the club. In every amateur's club it's normal that people move to other football associations," says secretary Mohamed Talhoui.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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