Quote: "So many of the world's biggest idiots are Muslims"

Muslim Danish politician Naser Khader attacks Islam in harsh terms. He thinks many of the world's biggest idiots are Muslims.

Naser Khader's anger comes in the wake of the case of the 43 year old Iranian woman who was sentenced to death for adultery.

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The case got the Conservative integration spokesperson to write on Facebook that he's considering leaving Islam.

"Yes, I just get so upset by it and frustrated that so many of the world's biggest idiots are Muslims," Naser Khader told bt.dk. (audio at link).

"Occasionally when something like this or terrorist attacks happen, I think that I don't want to be their coreligionist. I'm not leaving Islam, but I just get frustrated that people can kill in the name of Allah. For example, the hostages that are taken in Iraq, their throats are slit, and they say God is great."

Naser Khader wrote the following on Facebook:

"Why must she die? It is something that sometimes makes me consider leaving Islam. I don't want to be a coreligionist of these barbarian, women-oppressing executioners."

Source: bt.dk (Danish)

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