Norway: Food complaints

Norway: Food complaints

Residents at the Lier asylum center think the reasons for the riots were lousy food and bad treatment.

Several residents at the asylum center criticize the conditions at the center and they they've gotten unappetizing food which could be old and monotonous. Several were also unhappy with the fact that they weren't told whether the meat was halal and if there was pork in the food.

Jan Erik Skretteberg of SOS rasisme also claimed that the residents didn't get enough food, and that they didn't get fruit and enough vitamins.

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NRK got the weekly menu for the center from UDI which shows that the residents get varied meals, and have options of salad and vegetarian food every day.

The head of the Lier asylum center, Hugo Limkjær, rejects the criticism of the residents and says they have quality control on the food which is served in the center.

"The food never passes its due-date, it should look good and taste good," Hugo Limkjær told NRK.

After several negative reports about the food from the residents, he checked the quality of the food and found it was good enough.

"However, we did not take into account whether it's halal approved or not," says Limkjær.

Justice minister Knut Storberget (Ap) says it's not so bad in the asylum center. He says that the material conditions in the asylum center are good enough. People get food and 100 kroner a week in pocket money, which is enough while they're waiting, particularly since Norway is waiting for them to identify themselves.

Source: NRK (Norwegian)

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