Sweden: Christians support abolishing halal slaughter ban

Sweden: Christians support abolishing halal slaughter ban

Sweden is the only country in Europe banning kosher and halal slaughter [*]. The Swedish Christian community should show tolerance to Jews and Muslims and demand to abolish the ban, say four representatives of Christian Sweden.

The four - Sven-Bernard Fast, Caroline Krook, Peter Weiderud and Karin Wiborn - write in an opinion piece in Dagens Nyheter (SE), that the Swedish parliament introduced a ban of religious slaughter in 1938 to complicate life for the Jews.

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The four write that the rest of Europe ended this discrimination after the war, but in Sweden the ban remains for animal welfare reasons, which complicates life for Jews and Muslims.

The writers think that parliament members know what needs to be done to combine religious slaughter with the modern requirement of animal welfare.

"We know that kosher and halal slaughter are significantly less painful than the culturally cherished Swedish slaughter of grouse, elk and crayfish.

Source: Dagen (Swedish)

[*] Sweden is the only country in the EU that bans kosher/halal slaughter, but Switzerland also bans kosher slaughter.

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