UK: New halal make-up company

UK: New halal make-up company

Via BBC:

Halal meat has become a common part of life in the UK, but now a company has launched a range of halal make-up, which is free from alcohol and animal products.

Samina Akhter set up Samina Pure Make-up from her home in Birmingham after questioning what she was putting on her skin.

She said: "I was shocked to find that some products contained alcohol and even pig placenta.

This article was prepared by the Islam in Europe blog -

"Many Muslim women like me have been frustrated by wanting to look good and follow their faith."

There are almost one million Muslim women living in Britain and it is a growing population.

Samina Pure has over 500 customers and Ms Akhter said: "We've had women say, 'thank you, now I can use products and pray without having to take the make-up off'."


She said she wants Muslim women to have a choice.

"I'm not saying such and such product is haram and we are halal - you have to use us.

"Women have their own choices but at least they've got the option to do that."


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