Essen: German students bullied by Muslims

Essen: German students bullied by Muslims

Often they're ridiculed, often they're even beaten. In class barely anybody speaks to them, they keep back, rarely voice their opinion - in short, they're not integrated in school. But these are not immigrant children in a German school, but German children in a secondary school (5th-9th grades) in Essen.

German TV channel Das Erste reports.

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"They're not threatened with a knife every day. but the children of immigration background clearly have their way here," says the school principal. The female teachers have to deal with students saying "don't speak to her, she's just a German slut."

"When it's Ramadan, there's a state of emergency. The last time it went so far, that they spit in our food," says the home-economics teacher. "People always say that foreigners are discriminated, but here it's precisely the other way around." A Lebanese Arabic teacher says that the German way of living is very clearly being rejected by his students, the attitude is almost chic.

The German children respond with aggression or by over-adapting their behavior. In the playground you find them in the corners. Sebastian, an ethnic German 16 year old, feels bullied by the Muslim students, and is often involved in fights. Juli is a friend of the devout Saleh from Palestine. She calls herself a Muslims, which means: no parties, no alcohol, no sex.

The teachers try to respond t the situation with clarity and by upholding German laws and regulations, but also by mother-tongue classes and understanding for the Lebanese.

Source: Het Vrije Volk (Dutch), translated from Das Erste (German), h/t NRP

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