Netherlands: PVV soaring in polls

Netherlands: PVV soaring in polls

Geert Wilders is currently locked out of the coalition negotiations, but in the polls his party is soaring.

The PVV got a record number of seats in the Maurice de Hond poll. If elections were held today, Geert Wilders' party would get 35 seats. That is 11 more seats than the PVV got in the June 9 elections. In April last year, the PVV got 33 seats in the same poll.

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The extra seats come mostly from the VVD. Just 65% of those who voted for the party on June 9 will vote for the liberals again. In the poll the VVD dropped from 31 seats to 23.

De Hond's poll is conducted via internet among at least 2,500 people, from a sample of about 40,000 people who signed up fro the panel. The polls are held Friday and Saturday.

In the latest poll, the PvdA (Labor) got 27 seats, GroenLinks (Greens) 12 and D66 11.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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