BREAKING: Suicide attack at Moscow airport (UPDATED: "I'll kill you all!")

BREAKING: Suicide attack at Moscow airport

Via Reuters:
At least 10 people were killed and 20 injured in a suicide bomb blast at Moscow's Domodedovo airport Monday, Interfax news agency reported.

A spokeswoman for the investigative committee of the federal prosecutor's office put the number of casualties at about 20, citing preliminary information, and said the cause of the blast was unknown.


Via Reuters: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev vowed to track down and punish those behind a suicide bomb attack which killed at least 31 people and injured over 100 others at Russia's biggest airport.

UPDATE 2, Via Xinhua:
A law enforcement source said three men are wanted in connection with the explosion.

"According to intelligence, three men may have been involved in organizing the explosion. They have been living in the region of the Russian capital for some time," the source was quoted by Interfax as saying.

A source said the blast was equivalent to 5-10 kg of TNT.

UPDATE 3, via BBC:
Airport spokeswoman Yelena Galanova told Interfax news agency that the explosion occurred in the international arrivals hall in a public area "to which people who are not passengers have free access".

The hall was packed as several international flights had just landed. The device is thought to have contained the equivalent of 7kg (15lb) of TNT.

According to eyewitnesses quoted by Russian TV's Vesti news programme, before detonating the explosives the bomber shouted: "I'll kill you all!"