Germany: Former terrorism trainee angry at expulsion from navy

Germany: Former terrorism trainee angry at expulsion from navy

Via M&C:
A German Muslim who says he trained with a terrorist group in Pakistan has disclosed in a radio interview that he went on to served in the German Navy until he was expelled as a security risk.

Yannick Nasir, 23, said he was a trainee in 2003 at a camp run by the radical Islamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, believed to be behind the attacks in Mumbai, India which killed 164 people in 2008.

SWR public radio in Germany is set to broadcast programme on Nasir's extraordinary life, Inside al-Qaeda on Wednesday. In extracts made available to other media Sunday, Nasir said he volunteered to join the Navy in 2007 after falling out with his family.

He said the Navy appeared to know about his past, because his commanding officer met him privately and said he had been told. Nasir said he served aboard a frigate, the Hessen, patrolling the coast of Lebanon to prevent gun-running by the Islamist group Hezbollah.

He also provided evidence about terrorist groups to German authorities and testified in a German court against his stepfather, Aleem Nasir, who was convicted of supporting terrorism through fund- raising.