Sweden: Falling school results in immigrant areas

Sweden: Falling school results in immigrant areas

Via SR:

School exam results for children from socially deprived areas hoping to go on to senior high have deteriorated dramatically in Sweden over the past 12 years.


Figures from the government agency Statistics Sweden show that in the 38 areas researched the pass marks dropped from 73 percent in 1998 to 68,7 percent in 2010.

Kajsa Yang-Hansen is an assistant professor at the Department of Education at Gothenburg University who has researched the subject in depth.

She believes that one of the main underlying reasons for the fall in standards is the increase in segregation and inequality in the Swedish school system.

"It's mainly because of school segregation. Immigrant children have relatively lower inspiration in schools and at home. If you are in a classroom or a school where a large proportion of children are from well off homes, you will have positive inspiration."