Germany: Muslim leader attended Christmas mass

Germany: Muslim leader attended Christmas mass

A delegation of Muslims in Milan also attended the Coptic Christmas services.

Via EarthTimes:
The leader of one of Germany's Muslim organisations is to attend a Coptic Christmas Eve service on Thursday night, in a sign of solidarity with the nearly two dozen Egyptian Christians who were killed last week by a suicide bomber.


The Central Council of Muslims in Germany, or ZMD, said its chairman, Aiman Mazyek, is to attend the mass in the western city of Dusseldorf and meet with church leaders and worshippers.

ZMD, one of four national mosque organisations in Germany, is the most liberal and represents 300 ethnically mixed mosques of both Sunni and Shiite affiliation.

Mazyek is also to visit the Coptic bishop of Germany, Anba Damian, on Saturday in Frankfurt, then join a Catholic bishop at an inter- religious memorial service for the 23 Copts killed early on January 1 in Alexandria.