Finland: Immigrants spontaneously flocking to small town

Finland: Immigrants spontaneously flocking to small town

Interestingly enough, YLE emphasizes that this is not a movement: it's a 'spontaneous flow' and a 'personal choice'. Apparently YLE believes that people are stand-alone units, who do not speak to or affect other people.

Via YLE:

The spontaneous flow of immigrants moving to the small town of Lieksa in North Karelia is causing some disharmony among local residents. According to the town council, Lieksa has benefited around 200,000 euros from its new immigrant population. But local critics say immigrants are taking away jobs and housing from residents.

Lieksa has already received 130 immigrants in just over a year. This has meant the town has been able to hire two formally unemployed local residents to work in its immigrant advice centre.

Most of the new arrivals are refugees from Iraq and Somalia – all of whom have made a personal choice to start a new life in Lieksa. Despite the town being one of the most picturesque in the area, one of its main attractions for immigrants has been rental accommodation. For letting agents, who only two years ago had more than 100 empty apartments, immigrants have been a real saviour.