France: 84% of Muslims against polygamy, arranged marriages

France: 84% of Muslims against polygamy, arranged marriages

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Via National Post:

France’s Muslims, regularly accused by the country’s right-wing politicians of not adapting to the culture here, are torn between tradition and modernity when it comes to relationships and marriage, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Done for an online dating service, the poll found huge opposition to both polygamy and arranged marriages.

But a strong majority of respondents said they were opposed to premarital sex and a bare majority said they wouldn’t marry someone of another faith background.

“In the area of customs and sexual morality Muslims in France swing between tradition and modernity,” concluded the polling firm Ifop.

“In a country dominated by the principle of liberal lifestyle choices they are largely free of the religious or cultural dictates that legitimize polygamy and arranged marriages.”

But the poll suggests that their value system remains “impregnated” with a moral code which views sex as legitimate only within a marriage and which strongly influences marriage partner choices.


More from the poll results:

69% of Muslims said they would marry somebody (FR) of another culture (36% 'certainly', 33% 'probably'), a figure similar to that by all French (68%). 47% said they would marry somebody of a different religion (26% 'certainly', 21% 'probably'), compared with 67% by all French (33% 'certainly', 34% 'probably')

66% of Muslims think it's easy to find a spouse of the same religion. 83% says parents shouldn't choose their children's spouse, and 73% reject sex before marriage. 84% oppsed the legalization of polygamy.

19% of Muslims said they'd consider finding a spouse on a dating site, but if the site is Muslim, 66% said they would consider finding a spouse on it (27% 'very interested', 39% 'somewhat interested')