Netherlands: Immigrants make up two thirds of emigrants

Netherlands: Immigrants make up two thirds of emigrants

Translated from Volkskrant (Dutch):

Two thirds of emigrants from the Netherlands are of immigrant origin. They're tired of the intolerance and see better career opportunities in their land of origin. Highly educated Moroccan or Turkish youth leave the Netherlands due to the harsh political climate. Though it's not a mass emigration, these groups of immigrants say 'increasing intolerance' is a reason for leaving.

This according to a study by Regioplan for minister Piet Hein Donner (CDA, Internal Affairs). Half of the emigrants are 20-45 years hold and have an MBO diploma

Moroccan and Turkish emigrants in particular say that the harsh political climate is a reason for leaving. They don't feel they belong in the Netherlands. For highly-educated Turks the economic growth in Turkey is often a decisive factor. There's a good chance for a good job there.

For highly-educated Moroccans, that's a barrier to emigrating. This group says they don't feel comfortable in the Netherlands nay more. Or, as a 42-year old Moroccan told the researchers, Germany is much friendlier. He's looking for a civilized place and feels that's lacking in the Netherlands, where people respond rudely.

According to D66, the party which asked for the researcher, the Rutte government should do more to create an 'attractive and enjoyable' work-climate for knowledge immigrants. Parliamentarian Gerard Schouw says that the Netherlands needs knowledge immigrants, and should do away with the harsh atmosphere.

He refers to a list of knowledge economies published by the World Economic Forum. Denmark, whose government is also supported by an anti-immigration party, dropped from 5th place to 9th. The Netherlands is in 8th place.

Minister Gerd Leers (Asylum and Immigration, CDA) says that the borders will remain open for knowledge immigrants with opportunities. And yet, there are no plans to attract knowledge immigrants.

Schouw: "This is really bad for the economy. In 2030 we need 300,000 highly educated people". He says it's a shame that many highly-educated people are chased out by the 'symbolic drum beating' by the PVV.

2003 was the first year when more people emigrated from the Netherlands, then immigrated. In 2006 that peaked with 130,000 emigrants. Since then the number of emigrants declined sharply. 110,000 people emigrated in 2009. In recent years ethnic Dutch don't leave the Netherlands as much.

Highly educated ethnic Dutch leave mostly due to the lack of peace, space and nature. The political climate barely plays a part for them. The same holds for highly educated Surinamese.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)