Hamburg: Town Invaded by Islamists

Hamburg: Town Invaded by Islamists

Via Jih@d:
Nearly half a year after “Masjid Taiba” was closed it seems Hamburg´s radical Salafis have found a new home – in peaceful provincial Pinneberg. About 18km northwest of Hamburg City, a small backyard mosque, described by German Verfassungschutz as “a problem”, has turned into the new meeting and worshipping place for the former visitors of “Masjid Taiba”. For weeks long-bearded men, young converts and fulling-veiled women are coming to Pinneberg and meet in the “As-Sunnah Mosque” belonging to the “Muslimische Vereinigung Pinneberg e.V”.

One of those mosque visitors is a Rap-Musician formerly known as “Deso Dogg”. The 35 year-old Denis Cuspert of Ghanian origin was born in Berlin and started a successful career as a street gansta rapper, singing about crime, drugs, women and life in the poor Berlin suburbs. In November 2010 “Deso Dogg” announced he would leave the Music business and instead focus on his new faith – Islam. He converted after getting involvement with Germany´s biggest Salafi Dawah organization “Die Wahre Religion”, led by White convert Pierre Vogel (“Abu Hamza”). Rapper “Deso Dogg” is now preacher “Abou Maleeq”.

During a Islam seminar some weeks ago “Abou Maleeq” sang a German rap song that caused controversy because it included the lyrics “Allah willing, we fight, die as martyrs, eye on the enemy, in the Name of Allah”. In Pinneberg´s As-Sunnah Mosque, the former Berlin rapper wanted to sing the very same song. Residents and local politicians heard of the upcoming visit and protested against it. Jihad was not welcomed in Pinneberg.

In the end “Abou Maleeq” did not rap about martyrdom and jihad but talked about how he came to Islam. The community leaders seemed satisfied. Still, the mosque´s new visitors were seen as increasing problem. Fanaticism slowly but surely streamed into Pinneberg.

Last week a picture emerged on a German Jihadi website. “Dirty Jew” the text read. On the picture there was a man crossed out with red paint. “Be careful so Allah is not punishing you in this life with death”, the text said, “Allah´s punishment can reach you anywhere!” The threat is even more concerning as the identity of the man seen on the website is widely known in Pinneberg – it is Wolfgang Seibert, head of Pinneberg´s Jewish Community.