Hague: Liberals want temporary immigrant-stop

Hague: Liberals want temporary immigrant-stop

The VVD (Liberals) fraction in the Hague wants a temporary stop to immigrants in the city, because the city is deteriorating at record pace.

According to the Liberals the tide can only be turned back by swift and tough action. In an integration memo published today by the VVD, the Liberals say that the Hague is weighed down by big groups of immigrants. "They put a strain on the social services," says councilor Arjen Lakerveld. "It's costly. Ensure now that the flow of disadvantaged peoples is halted for a couple of years. Otherwise you're mopping with open faucets."

Lakervels says that the continuous influx of immigrants undermines the quality of life in the city. "We're not doing well in the statistics. We're currently on top in the field of crime and deterioration."

Lakerveld says that the temporary immigrant-stop is legally feasible. "We have the Rotterdam Law. This means that a municipality can request the minister to designate areas with income requirements for people looking to live. We would like to nominate all of the Hague, and if that's not possible, the neighborhoods doing the worst."

Lakerveld refers to the neighborhoods where unemployment is much higher than the rest of the city, as is the number of immigrants.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)