Denmark: Top destination for asylum-seekers

Denmark: Top destination for asylum-seekers

Denmark is one of the countries in Europe where it's easiest to get asylum, and is therefore a favorite destination for many people in the EU's refugee central - Greece. 90% of the illegal immigrants into the EU arrive via Greece.

"They don't want to get to Greece, but further on. They prefer Denmark and Germany", says George Petropoulos, spokesperson for the EU's border police, Frontex, on the Greek-Turkish border.

Mahammadi Yonous, head of the Greek Refugee Forum says that the asylum seekers know what percentage of asylum seekers each country recognizes, and that Denmark is a preferred final destination for many refugees.

According to EU figures, Denmark recognizes 48% of the asylum seekers as refugees, compared with the EU's average of 27%. In Germany it's 37%, Sweden 30%, France 14% and Greece just 1%.

"I hear that Norway and Denmark are the preferred countries. There's no perfect situation, but it's better than here," says Spyros Rizakos, head for the refugee's lawyer association Aitima.

Source: JP (Danish)