Cyprus: Muslims want mosque area back

Cyprus: Muslims want mosque area back

Via World Bulletin:

Muslims in Greek Cypriot side established "Cypriot Supreme Council of Muslims", demanding the property around the Hala Sultan Tekke, which angers the Greek archbishop.

The 20-member association takes back the property around Hala Sultan Tekke in Larnaca, which Greeks reportedly plan to build an entertainment center.

According to Turkey's Anadolu news agency, citing "Greek Simerini newspaper", "the association's emblem carries "flags of the Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman navy flag and a ship with Ottoman robe (kaftan)."

President of the Association, Imam Sakip talked to Sigma TV and expressed uneasiness with the desicion that the Greek Cypriot administration allowed an entertainment center to be built 20 meters from Hala Sultan Tekke. He has accused the Greek Cypriot side of not showing respect for the Muslim places of worship.

Imam Sakip said, "I would like to give this message to the Republic of Cyprus (Greek part) that you need to be an example of a European country," he said. In order to show this, Republic of Cyprus should hand over the keys of Hala Sultan Tekke and the property around it to the association," he said.