Netherlands: Turkey worried about Turkish-Dutch

Turkey will be following up to see if the new Dutch integration regulations cause damage to the 'cultural identity' of Turks in the Netherlands.

This was the message in a speech by Turkish president Ahmet Necdet Sezer at a banquet in honor of Queen Beatrix's state visit in Turkey.

the president ended his speech by saying: We painstakingly follow the regulations that have been taken to give the Turkish community the social rights they deserve, to keep their language and cultural identity and their welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands."

Sezer meant the results of the stronger immigration rules taken by former minister of integration Verdonk. They had caused resistance in Turkey since they impeded family reunifications. According to the Turkish president the Turks in the Netherlands contribute to the economical and political life in the Netherlands and the new generation integrate well into society.

Both leaders did not relate directly to the recent appointment of the Turkish-Dutch Nebahat Albayrak as junior minister, but did praise the participation of Turkish-Dutch in Dutch politics.

Source: Elsevier (Dutch)

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