Corsica/Berlin: Mosques attacked

Corsica/Berlin: Mosques attacked

Via AFP:

French police said Monday they were probing a "racist" arson attack on a Muslim prayer hall in Ajaccio, the capital of the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

The interior ministry said in a statement that the arson took place overnight and that "writing of a racist nature were found on the facade of the building housing the place of worship".


Early Sunday morning paint was thrown at the Sehitlik mosque in the Neuk├Âlln district of Berlin. The attackers also left a religiously-insulting picture behind.

The mosque had received a threatening letter from right-wing extremists recently. Anti-Islamic slogans were also discovered at the nearby Tempelhof airport.
Several weeks ago right-wing extremists sent threatening letter to Turkish, Muslim and Jewish communities and institutes in Berlin. The letters said Muslims, Jews and foreigners must leave the country before things would get uncomfortable for them.

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