Germany: "We will conquer Rome!"

Germany: "We will conquer Rome!"

Via KATH.NET, translated by Via Catholic Church Conservation:
A 26-year-old regularly preaches in a mosque in Solingen - Cologne City Superintendent: His theses are an "impertinence", Representatives of Muslim organizations distance themselves

Anti-Christian expressions of a radical Islamic preacher concern the Protestant Church Association of Cologne City. The 26-year-old Austrian Mohamed Mahmoud was released in September 2011 after a four-year prison sentence in a Vienna prison on charges of forming and promoting a terrorist organization . After a short stay in Berlin, he moved at the end of 2011 to Solingen, near Düsseldorf. Currently he is living in Erbach in Hessen(Odenwald).

Several television stations reported on his challenge to Christianity: "We will conquer Rome! And then Peter's Square, or whatever it's called, yes, that is [...]to be the site of the conversion and the area to implement Allah's laws in order to implement Allah's punishment, so that enough people will be able to witness the events!" The City superintendent of the Protestant Church Association of Cologne and region, Rolf Domning, called the remarks of the preacher's hate "impudence."


Catholic Church Conservation updates that Mohamed Mahmoud is to be deported from Germany.

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