Germany: A Koran in every household

Germany: A Koran in every household

Via Welt Online, Trouw:

Salafists in Germany launched a project aimed at distributing 25 million free Korans.

Project "Lies!" (Read!) was started in October 2011 by Ibrahim Abou Nagie, who says he wants a Koran in every German household. Other Salafist groups like DawaFFM from Frankfut and the Ibrahim Millatu movement from Solingen are also involved. So far the Salafists set up more than 100 stands in cities across North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Hesse and Hamburg.

According to Abou Nagie they already distributed 300,000 copies of the German language Koran. He had already ordered tens of thousands of additional copies. On Easter the Koran project entered a new phase. On Saturday the Salafists set up distribution stands in 35 cities including Hamburg, Cologne, Konstanz, Frankfurt, Dresden, Osnabrück, Hanover and Berlin.

The project is financed by donations. Abou Nagie says most donations come from Muslim women and Turkish Muslims. German Muslims are being encouraged to buy a copy of the Koran (red-cover) in order to finance the blue-cover free Korans.

The German security services are concerned as the goal is not only to convert people to Islam, but to the radical preachings of Salafism. Last year the prosecution started investigating Abou Nagie for inciting to violence on the Internet against people of other faiths.

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