Germany: 'Gender (in)equality not linked to Islam'

Germany: 'Gender (in)equality not linked to Islam'

Via DW:
Equality between Muslim men and women has little to do with religion, says Gönül Halat-Mec. DW's Klaudia Prevezanos spoke to the family lawyer and member of the of the annual German Islam Conference.

Deutsche Welle: What's the situation regarding equality between Muslim men and women in Germany?

Gönül Halat-Mec: You have to differentiate: It always depends on the social background of the people we're talking about. What we've worked out in the Islam conference is that many issues are not linked to religion or Islam, but are rather rooted in traditional patriarchal structures of society. And that depends on the social situation of the women – are they working, are they independent?

At the conference, we've realized that no matter how religious a woman or a couple is – equality is more a social problem that needs to be looked at separately from religion. Of course, we also have a situation in Islam where the role of women is more defined. That's partly because of failures to deal with these problems in the past, due to a lack of education on the matter.

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