Cyprus: Gov't accuses Turks of politicizing mosque arson

Cyprus: Gov't accuses Turks of politicizing mosque arson

Via the Cyprus Mail:
POLICE have been given “clear instructions” to fully investigate what is thought to have been an arson attack on the Haji Ibrahim Aga mosque in Limassol in the early hours of last Saturday, Government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou said yesterday.

The mosque was one of the targets of the holiday weekend vandalism spree. The perpetrators set the veranda's roof and entrance on fire. Part of the entrance was damaged in the arson attack, which happened at around 3.30am.

Despite the fact there were numerous acts of vandalism and arson attacks over the weekend, a number of which were on schools in Nicosia, Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu used the incident to gain political capital.

 “Our mosques have been demolished in the past as well, our people who prayed have been shot. This is the Greek Cypriot mentality,” Eroglu reportedly said.

Stefanou condemned the arson attack but denounced the Turkish Cypriot leadership’s efforts to politicise the issue by making “arbitrary and unfounded accusations”.

Stefanou said and in turn slammed Turkey for the destruction of religious monuments in the north “in an attempt to alter our country’s cultural heritage and history”.


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