Sweden: Six convicted in 'honour' beating with metal rods

Sweden: Six convicted in 'honour' beating with metal rods

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Via the Local:
Six men in Hallsberg, central Sweden, have been convicted and sentenced to prison after the severe honour-related beating of a 19-year-old with metal rods at a gym.

According to the prosecutor, the men wanted to protect the daughter in their family after an alleged kidnapping attempt.

The young woman’s father was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to four years in prison.

His three sons were all convicted of attempted murder and two will serve time in prison, two received 6 year sentences and the third 5.5 years. The two sons with the longer sentence will also be deported from Sweden after having served their time and not allowed back for at least ten years.

The man who owned the gym where the beating took place was also convicted to 2.5 years in prison while his 19-year-old son will serve one year.


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