Paris: "I am Mohamed Merah and I am going to kill you"

Paris: "I am Mohamed Merah and I am going to kill you"

RFI reports as follows:
Police in Paris on Friday arrested a man who took out a pistol and threatened commuters on one of the capital’s busiest Metro lines, ligne 13. The 30-year-old unidentified man of Moroccan origin, was detained by police mid-morning between Metro stations Saint-Denis Basilique and Universit√©.

According to an official source, he pulled out a Colt 45 and began to threaten a passenger saying “I am Mohamed Merah and I am going to kill you “ in reference to the young Islamist killed by police in Toulouse three weeks ago after the murder of seven people.
Le Parisien, however, reported that the man shouted "We're not all Mohamed Merah! You're being manipulated!".

No idea how one squares with the other, though it seems most French news reports agree with RFI and say the man was an admirer of the Toulouse terrorist.

While trying to find out more, I ran across two additional Merah stories:
1. Sunday morning (April 8), police responded to a man who barricaded himself in his apartment and threatened to kill off policemen like Merah did. The man was finally apprehended, and turned out to be unarmed.

2. A 22 year old was arrested Wednesday April 11 for painting 'I love Mohamed Merah" on a railway station. In a raid on his home police discovered cans of spray paint, as well as a rifle and cartridges and 70 grams of cannabis. The man admitted to painting the slogan, and said he had been under the influence of drugs.

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