Abdol Hamid: Support for Iraqi insurgents

Danish soldiers are attacked every day in Iraq by rockets and mortar grenades but according to Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, the Red-Green Alliance's candidate for the Danish parliament, that is ok. In the latest issue of the Socialistisk Arbejderavis (paper of the Danish International Socialists) she calls to support the Iraqi's fight against Danish and foreign forces.

Berlingske Tidende (BT) interviewed Abdol-Hamid by telephone. "In what type of fight do you support the Iraqis?"

"I support the Iraqi national movement's struggle against the occupation forces. They have a right like all others to live in a land where they decide themselves."

On Sunday BT reported that Iraqi forces are paid 1000 kroner for every time they attack Danish and British bases in Basra.

"Do you distance yourself from the Iraqis who engage in an armed struggle against Danish forces?"

"I am not opposed to an armed struggle. It is a resistance struggle and therefore it is also completely fair," she says.

Abdol-Hamid was criticized by other parties, but her own party supports her point of view. Frank Aaen, a parliament member, thinks that fighting Danish soldiers is legitimate. He says that they regret any person who dies in battle, be it Danish, Iraqi or American, "but fighting against an occupation force is completely legitimate - and we have been opposed to the war in Iraq the whole time and think that the occupation forces should go home. But at the same time we are opposed to all forms of terrorism." Aaen is sure that Asmaa agrees on that point and see nothing in what she says that points otherwise.

Source: Berlingske Tidende (Danish)

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Anonymous said...

This is simply treason. Why people in Europe don't see it for what is? What is the matter with Europe?