Copenhagen: Father stabs daughter

Police in Gladsaxe, near Copenhagen, have arrested a 61 year old Turkish man for stabbing his daughter and her boyfriend on Wednesday night.

Both were brought to a hospital in Herlev with stab wounds but have since been released, according to police.

The daughter had fallen in love with a Turkish man which her father did not approve of her marrying, says Søren Sørensen

The father had agreed to meet the daughter and get to know her new boyfriend at the daughter's apartment in Bagsværd. While he and the daughter were talking together in the kitchen, he took out a knife without provocation and stabbed her in the chest. The boyfriend came in and wrenched the knife away, but was stabbed himself and was sliced in his hands.

The father was arrested in his home.

Source: Politiken (Danish), Berlingske (Danish)

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