Netherlands: Health care not a problem with Muslim women

The issue of Muslim women and their requirement to be treated by female doctors was brought up in Dutch news this week, as well as in the Dutch parliament. However, some doctors don't agree such a problem exists.


Gerard Visser professor of obstetrics and gynecologist at the University Medical Center in Utrecht says it is a "non-issue". "We don't have difficulties with Muslim women and male doctors. I myself had delivered many Muslim women. Certainly by the second generation of
Moroccan and Turkish women it isn't a problem."

Muslim women do ask for a woman. Visser says they do their best to accommodate such requests but if it's not possible, the Muslim women understand. All that's needed is to inform them it's not possible because of rosters and availability. Especially by the family doctors or midwives. "From the female imam in our hospital I understand that Muslims are obligated in any case to ask if a female doctor is available. If there isn't, a male doctor is also good. Health is the main thing in the faith."

David Drexhage of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam agrees. "Naturally it can happen. Depending on ability we try to arrange a female doctor. Why not? We don't get anything if a patient is stressed." The hospital got one complaint from a female patient in the past two years, but according to Drexhage she understood later why she couldn't be helped by a woman.

Source: Trouw (Dutch)

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محمود بهجت said...

salam alikum,
here in Germany there are a better, because there are a female doctors, muslims female doctors.

hope better for all of our islamic societies in the world