Belgium: No terror threat

There is currently no terror threat for Belgium. However, the federal police will be more vigilant on the Eurostar and the national and regional airports. This according to Jaak Raes of the crisis center of the Interior Ministry after the two foiled attack in London and the incident at the Glasgow airport.

Last night the Coordination body for threat analysis (OCAD) made an evaluation of the situation in Great Britain and investigated whether a possible threat exists for Belgium. Out of the analysis it appears that at the moment there is not.

"We did ask the federal police to be especially vigilant on the Eurostar, Brussels Airport and the regional airports, among which are Oostende, Wevelgem, Deurne and Gosselies," according to Raes. The heightened awareness means that more police will be present in the departures and arrivals halls of the airports. There will also be heightened supervision on the Eurostar.

Additionally there will be stricter border controls for passengers coming from the UK and either passing through Belgium or having Belgium as their final destination. Raes added that earlier investigation had shown that in such cases terrorists are likely to try and leave the UK and either come to Belgium, or try to travel to the rest of Europe through Belgium.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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