Odense: Daycare worker drops niqab

The controversy regarding the veiled childcare in Vollsmose in Odense has been solved. She will now take care of the children without covering her face.

While lawyers for the Odense municipality and the Consumer and Family Affairs Ministry ministry are still debating whether child care workers can be banned from wearing the niqab, the Vollsmose child care worker who had started the entire debate has now decided things on her own. She had notified the municipality that she will no longer wear the niqab while she's taking care of children.

Odense municipality had long sought for a some possibility to avoid supporting the child care worker since she was veiled while taking care of children, but hadn't found till now legal support for such a move.

Source: Jyllands Posten (Danish)

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FreeSpeech said...

How could children learn to interpret facial expression with a veiled educator? I wonder why this was not sufficient as an argument.