Denmark: Middle-Eastern accent "more annoying"

Many Danes are irritated when hearing their language spoken with an accent, but a new study shows that there are big differences in how people are regarded based on their accent, regardless of how well they speak the language.

Copenhaven University has asked 232 Danes to evaluate 16 people's personality based on how they spoke. They were also asked to guess where the accent comes from. The 16 people came from 8 countries, a man and woman from each country.

The study shows that Danes were most irritated with people who spoke with an accent when they thought those people come from the Middle East - and weren't as irritated when they thought the speakers came Germanic countries such as England, Germany or Scandinavia.

The 'Germanic' speakers were seen as independent, ambitious, effective, interesting, reliable, talented, clever and pleasant. If the person was thought to come from a Middle Eastern country, such as Turkey, he was seen as uncertain, indifferent, incompetent, boring, unreliable, dumb, obnoxious and irritating. The 232 Danes agreed on this, though the 16 people had a university education and spoke Danish at a high level.

According to Danish linguist Marta Kirilova who ran the study, there was a marked difference in estimating people by their accent. Kirilova says that the study shows that it isn't inconsequential which land the accent comes from. There are distinct hierarchies. The Danes see the North Europeans as competent and people from the Middle East as dumb and incompetent, based solely on their accent.

Source: Berlingske Tidende (Danish)


Anonymous said...

You don't need to do research to come with thinks like this. People from Muslims countries have a whole different altitude to live as it shows in how they do their work. Logically people going to react to that, it's normal and it's good. It's civilizations only defense.

Anonymous said...

And as always, the white person is the problem. Here, the White is bad, because he must appreciate middle-estern people...

We are in our Land, we don't have to appreciate the others, the others must do what is necessary for them to be appreciate by us.

So the correct title is :"Middle Eastern peoples are unable to be appreciate by Danish".

(And do the test in France, the result will be funny...)

Sorry for the way in which I write in English.

Anonymous said...

People from the Middle East come to the West to escape the oppression, brutality, poverty, and incivility of there own countries. The Western countries, perhaps stupidly, let them in, and they proceed not to assimilate, but to attempt to make Western countries more like the oppressive, uncivil, impoverished countries that they left. Why are the people of the West supposed to "like" and "appreciate" these people? The more I see and experience "diversity", the more I know that the mantra that there is "strength" in diversity is an absolute lie. People who can't or won't assimilate into a country they CHOSE to emigrate to should be sent back to where they came from. Maybe then the Danes and the rest of the West will "appreciate" those foreign nationals who are left because they will be assets to Western countries, and not burdens.

Anonymous said...

NO, this is a lie or a mistake !

Arabs and Africans come in Europe to have our money even if they don't work : easy life, that's what they want when they come in Europe.

And to islamize, by the way. They have children for our money, with our money, to destroy us as Mohamed said to the muslims.