Sarajevo: Robbing bank with Burqa

Women in burqas and men with long beards - one could wonder what is the connection between the two. Apparently Reuters is trying to make us think that Sarajevo had become more Islamist without actually saying so.

Two armed men disguised as Muslim women in burqas held up a bank in Sarajevo and got away with some $40,000, Bosnian police said on Tuesday.

They said the pair entered a Union bank branch in the capital wearing head-to-toe black dresses and veils typical of women adhering to the orthodox Islamic code and trained guns on customers. They then made customers lie on the floor while the emptied the tills, police added.

"Everything happened in a moment. Two persons in black niqabs (burqas) came into the bank. I thought they were ladies," the Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje quoted bank customer Mehmedalija Komarac as saying.

Women in burqas and men with long beards have become a common sight in the Bosnian capital in recent years.

Source: Reuters (English)

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Anonymous said...

The Burka discrimates against women. It should be banned on those grounds as well as making it easy for criminals to avoid detection. If muslim men think they cant control their sexual urges then let them wear chastity belts.