Amsterdam: Students to move to more religious school

Three elementary schools in Amsterdam-Oost belonging to the Muslim SIBA organization will be shut down at the end of august following a decision by State Secretary of Education Dijksma. Now Amsterdam alderman Buyne announced that the students, about 400 kids, will be able to go to the As-Siddieq school.

The municipality will check whether the As-Siddieq school can use the SIBA buildings.

SIBA Schools El Faroeq Omar, Abraham El Khaliel and At Taqwa will be shut down after years of financial problems, fraud and low educational achievements. Earlier attempts to bring the school into the Esprit group failed after the parents insisted on having a Muslim administration.

After Dijksma's decision at the end of May, the parents of 100 children signed them up to the As-Siddieq school. This school, which is knows as more orthodox than the SIBA schools, is also being watched by the education inspection due to earlier critical reports about quality and lack of citizenship education.

Alderman Buyne says she is worried about the quick growth of the As-Siddieq school, and is asking the State Secretary for extra supervision. It is not clear yet whether the teachers of the SIBA schools will continue to work in the new location.

Buyne says she is happy that a solution was found after much deliberation.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)

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