Netherlands: A Judeo-Christian-Muslim state

The "Judeo-Christian" principles upon which Europe was built are not directly related to the Jews. They are related to the fact that the Christians see the Old Testament as an integral part of their religion and moral code. I suppose Minister Vogelaar is not demanding the same of Muslims.


According to Minister Ella Vogellaar, in an interview with Trouw, Muslim culture is so deeply entrenching itself in Dutch society that in the long run one would speak of a land that is based on a "Judeo-Christian-Muslim" tradition.

The minister for Housing and Integration hopes to end the 'negativity en the fear of Islam'. "I want to help Muslim feel at home here. Islam and Muslims must take root here, precisely because Muslims are also citizens of this land."

Vogelaar doesn't have problem if the (local) government supports to religious institutions of New Dutch, even financially. "So long as you subsidize social goals and not religious activities. Otherwise you cross a border."

Vogelaar is now speaking differently than various politicians in the past years. Started from the first Balkenende government in 2002, the policy stressed adaptation to Dutch norms and values.

Although the minister doesn't want to stop the obligation to naturalization and learning Dutch, she now speaks of a "mutual process", in which cultures influence and stimulate each other. "It is important that such a big group takes root in our society, and becomes an inseparable part of it," according to Vogelaar.

The minister compares it to the contribution of the Jewish community to Dutch culture. "Centuries ago the Jewish community came to the Netherlands and now we say: the Netherlands is a land formed by the Judeo-Christian traditions. I can imagine that we would get a similar process with Islam."

Source: Trouw (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

How about making it 'Netherlands: A Dutch state'

PM said...

so, as per judeo-christian-islamic state.... i still have no right to live....

and as integrated Hindu... that stand with every time with Europe... i was then a fool or ?

i thought state policies never mix religion and politics... because Islam means death to anyone, who thinks differently then Islam...

Anonymous said...

Those are the most stupid comments i have ever heard from the mouth of a "dutch" minister.

Maybe she sould ask Theo's mother what she thinks of her concepts of judeo-christian-muslim cohesion?!

With such politicians Holland is doomed...rom

Iftikhar Ahmad said...


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